Encounters with Moscow's

histories and culture makers

Provodnik is the Russian word for 'guide', but it can also
stand for 'mediator', 'transmitter', and 'gatekeeper'.

Provodnik is an agency for cultural research and travel.
We focus on opening a gateway to contemporary Moscow life
through a sensitively curated series of personal encounters with its
intricate histories and culture makers in their native habitats.

We offer a carefully arranged bouquet of architectural, historical,
gastronomic, urban, and artistic contexts. A delicate touch
informed by in-depth research and intimate knowledge.


Moscow's every nook brims with history and character. We will introduce you to the city, its art, its food, and its magnetic personalities.

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We take a thematic walk with Moscow's cultural practitioners, who will show you the unique ways they interpret the city.

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Get a refreshing glimpse of Moscow’s contemporary culture through our stories, interviews, photo essays, and more.

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