Provodnik relies on our network of friends and colleagues. Each tour is an original research project conducted by experts and insiders. During the trip, we introduce our guests to the most interesting residents of the city: artists, curators, museum professionals, historians, urbanists, architects, sociologists, designers, environmentalists, and many others. They welcome you to their cultural sites, studios, apartments, and private collections to share unique perspectives on life in Moscow. Instead of the leader-follower roles of the classic tour, our trips are an intimate safe space for open dialogue, and an opportunity to meet new friends. 

We also organize customized tours shaped by your preferences, whether it’s a combination of highlights from existing programs, deeper dive into something specific or special arrangements during the festivals and biennials. Just tell us what you are particularly interested in.




It’s the rare person who falls for Moscow at first sight. Its subtle charm and youthfulness need to be discovered beneath its harsh exterior of a massive metropolis. Our detours will introduce you to a Moscow-in-progress. Through the weighty entanglements of past and present, through the processes shaping the city’s daily life, through its people still finding themselves, we’ll uncover a city ever coming of age.

Moscow detour: transformations


Where best to begin understanding culture if not through art? From highbrow opera to the grungiest back alley studio, art keeps a finger on the pulse of reality. Our tours bring you deep into the pulsating heart of Moscow’s cultural life. From redoubtable museums to artists’ dishevelled studios to edgy alternative spaces, we invite you to come up personal with the artistic process, set against the gravitas of history and circumstances.

Art tour: process


Our trips span all the sides of Moscow's current gastronomic processes. They introduce you to reinvented Russian cuisine, its evolution, recent tendencies and further prospects. We'll explore the full mise en scène. Luscious delicacies in classy restaurants, the growing farmer's movement, people's embrace of local producers, and the revitalization of the grocery markets.

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