Art tour: factories


A special excursion with Ivan Isaev, art collector and one of the most prominent young Russian curators. He will guide you through two massive industrial complexes, which have become key attractors for Moscow's art communities: the pre-revolutionary factory Electrozavod and one of the oldest Soviet plants for the production of radio equipment NIIDAR.

You will meet artists who have established their studios there, and see the exhibitions of the independent galleries Electrozavod and ARHIV. On top of that, we will discover this unique historical neighbourhood, explore the picturesque Old Believers' cemetery, and a mansion redolent with Art Nouveau style, which once belonged to the Nosov merchant family.




4 hours

Artists' studios at Electrozavod, Nosov's Mansion, Old Believers' Cemetery, Shitov Pond, The Intercession Church in Rubtsovo, NIIDAR (artists' studios, galleries "Electrozavod" and "АРXIV") and more.

Guided tour, all entrance fees and excursions, drinks and snacks

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