Art tour: process


Art does not reside only in acclaimed museums and galleries. In fact, exhibitions show only a small portion of it, and the vivid creative processes behind them lie beyond the direct span of our vision.

Art is a never-ending search for means of expression. It constantly seeks to experiment with content and form. These are ephemeral processes unseen by the audience. They happen in artists’ studios, within loose creative communities, and in independent projects. Art roughs it out in former industrial spaces, lurks in the ruins of socialist infrastructures, and scrounges the living fabric of the city itself.

In this tour, we will explore where the creative processes of culture unfold, and meet the dynamic actors of Moscow's vivid art scene.




4 hours

Artists' studios on Milyutinsky Lane, Fabrika, NIIDAR (artists' studios, galleries "Electrozavod" and "АРXIV") and more.

Guided tour, all entrance fees and excursions, transport, drinks and snacks

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