Moscow detour: transformations


Moscow does not parade itself proudly, nor does it strive to please its guests. Rather, it leaves you with an impression of indifference, and even of unfriendliness and chaos. A massive metropolis, its torrents of colour, sound, and movement can grind on the nerves.

But behind all this lies a subtle beauty. It hides in courtyards and backyards, behind the scenes of theatres, and in the absurd eclecticism of the city's streets and squares. Beauty, that has to be discovered through its intensive multi-layered urban environment.

This tour will show you the city's evolution through a series of metamorphoses, that has been constantly changing the city's facade, blending in its streets different epochs with their cultural and political points of reference. We will explore the artefacts of a massive transformation in the 1930th, when the houses were literally moved, and trace how it entangles with ongoing renovation in the city and its cultural field. We will see how these changes have been affecting the daily life of the city, and what determines it today.



4 hours

Zaryadye Park, Red Square, Tverskaya street and vicinity, Stanislavsky Electrotheater, Noor Bar, Triumphal Square, Peking Hotel, Timeout Rooftop Bar

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